Functional Modules

Probe 3D is organized in functional modules allowing the software capabilities to be tailored to your specific application and requirements. The demo software includes all modules. Licensing is by selected module(s). The functions are more fully described in Probe 3D - Features                         [Return to Pricing]

2D Optical -
This module accepts 2D images in either bit map or jpeg format for display and annotation.

2D SPM -
Accepts images from a broad range of AFM and similar scanning probe systems. Displays the images in 2D, but all 3D information is available and 3D cross sections can be displayed and measurements taken. A basic tool for visualization, annotation and documentation.

3D -
Adding the 3D module adds 3D visualization. Z-axis information is inherent in SPM images. In the case of 2D images, it is derived from known z-axis intervals between successive 2D images. 3D module requires purchase of either 2D Optical or 2D SPM module.

Analysis -
The Analysis module adds a broad range of image enhancement, filtering, and surface analysis tools. Analysis module requires purchase of 3D module.

SuperClip -
This useful tool is included at no cost with any selection of functional module or modules. It permits the capture of an image or images, with annotations and data, conversion to afsny standard graphic format, and a library function which accumulates relate images. Ideal tool for preparing and storing images to be used in illustrating reports, etc.

SmartFocus -
This module provides full control of a motorized stage and camera to automatically acquire image sequences. SmartFocus is only available as an add-on to Probe 3D v 3.02. Configuration and pricing is available by contacting us.                                                                                        [Return to Pricing]