Nanotool™ Products


GN offers Diamond Tip and Cantilever Assemblies including the new V series MEMS based V Cantilevers Systems, TEM Membrane Sample fixtures, and custom Diamond and Silicon MEMS.


Series V MEMS Cantilevers

GN's standard Diamond tips meet or exceed the sharpness of the best Silicon Tips without the problems of rapid tip erosion and oxidation. Custom tips with special and narrow included angles as small as 11 degrees and as sharp as 8 to 9 nanometers are available on special order.
GN's Series V MEMS Cantilevers can provide the first true multi-mode SPM operation with out loss of sample position for mixed AFM/STM/Conductivity Probing and AFM Guided Nanomachining (AGN ™) operations.
Series V cantilevers can also be used to switch and control signals and drive currents to the tip based on switched signals or flexure of the cantilever.


GN also can sharpen all of the Single Crystal Diamond Tips it provides substantially extending the useful life of these tips and providing an effective cost of ownership as low as $750.00 per part substantially below the present industry standard (~2k per part).

TEM Sample Membrane Substrates

Nanotool™ TEM is a set of nine 50 nanometer thick Silicon Nitride low stress films on a silicon frame for mounting samples for Transmission Electron Microscopy and other applications. Diamond Like Carbon films as thin as 20 nm and 100 micron substrates are available on special order.

GN's proprietary membrane sample carriers are the first to offer a full 2 mm nearly silicon free aperture with centered central hexagonal cells each with 576 microns of diagonal suspended membrane!

GN Custom MEMS

GN is prepared to provide custom SPM and general MEMS solutions in Silicon and Diamond for customers contact us for a quote for your special problems.


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